Dragons Breath 1547

by admin on March 23, 2012


Terrie L Forrest I always recomend this color! It is gorgeous!
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Shearer Painiting I always try to talk customers out of the deck same as siding thing..this is a good unifying color. I am glad a design pro can validate my premonition. Thx Terrie L Forrest…PS what off white would you use with Dragon as body on Dutch Colonial?
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Terrie L Forrest I don’t know about an off white for the siding. how about moving up on the same color card and do london fog 1541
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Terrie L Forrest my bad.. ( Dutch Colonial ) How about Sail cloth
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Shearer Painiting I see it Terry..what say you about cummulus cloud 1550 vs London fog 1541..Seattle has blueish cast much of the year..last year a client balked at London at last moment to go with lighter cumulus.. thank you so much for your input…pls send snail address and I will ship t-shirt…
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Terrie L Forrest there is not much difference between cumulus cloud and London fog. cumulus has a bit more black in it. It would look lovely
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Terrie L Forrest I also like to recomend Dragons Breath instead of the traditional “black” for front doors and shutters too
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