Paint Color Suggestions for 1901 Built Home in Madrona neigborhood Seattle with C2 paint

by admin on August 22, 2012

Tuesday August 21, 2012 Seattle Wa. Hi I am Robin from Daly’s Paint. I have come by to play with paint colors on your house; one of the early hits I got; I got a couple of them was yellow with creamy white trim and maybe some interesting on the inner parts of the window frames. I am not sure what the yellow is going to be yet; but it will be something like this where it is a warm yellow but not too lemony. Too much lemon is our climate can be too acidic and a little green. This one is called Sun Down (from C2 Paint). Then we want the perfect white trim. I will start with COCONUT C2 because it is white without being too white. But what makes your color scheme pop is what you use as your accent scheme color. There is this color I want to show you that i am going to put right up here where we have this black right here. i call this the eye liner of your window; it makes your color really sing. I want to show you BLACKBERRY C2. See how much friendlier that is than the black. So then your scheme looks very interesting. We went from yellow and white… lolida; to something that makes it pop.

And then, I wanna show you a red for the front door. I know you’ve got a red, but red is all about finding the right red. There’s a right red, and there’s a wrong red. And I am sensing that we want to try – excuse me – this color called, “Infrared.” But we might want “Diva,” too – you just never know.

Alright, so, “Infrared” – that’s not speaking to me, forget that one. This one is called, “Diva,” and, what you want to do is you want to imagine it with a bit of a sheen to it, because we’re going to gloss up the paint color. And it changes how the lustre of the paint, how the color reads. It’s really not that far off from this, but this has a lot of black in it. I can see that when I’m comparing these two, and the problem when we have black in the formulation of a paint color is it kind of kills it. So, even though it feels good, I think we can make it feel better. So, that would be one idea, and – ohhh! – I’ve got another idea! So, ok. You might be thinking, “I already have a red door, so, what’s the point of that?” So, if we want to change it up…ok, this is kind of crazy…let me just think about this for a sec…that’s not it…

John: Lila’s picked yellow for doors.

Robin: Has she?

John: Yeah – in Fine Paints of Europe.

Robin: This…Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Gloss…this is called, “Expedition.” Here’s the yellow…here’s our trim…sorry, I’m going to mess with this a little bit…and then here’s that “Blackberry.”
John: Wow.

Robin: That could be kinda groovy. And then, what I kind of prefer to do on the decking, is, if we’re doing a yellow house, I think that yellow decking would be weird. It would just be way too light. So we would pick a nice kind of mushroom color to sort of anchor the steps down and just to hold the deck down.

This is one of my favorites – it’s called, “Saddle.” So here’s the siding of the house, and there would be the steps. We could go even darker, but that’s sort of that mushroom-y feeling that I was referring to.

Here’s your front door. Here’s your accent trim. This could also make a kick-ass front door, by the way. I don’t know if I can say that on film, but, I just did.

John: Blackberry.

Robin: Blackberry. Blackberry front door – awesome. Really cool.

When you’re creating a color scheme, with a house like this, it really gives you the opportunity to find a color to make things pop. And, I think this color, called, “Blackberry,” could really do that. “Blackberry” is formulated on purpose with multiple, multiple pigments; there’s probably 8 – 10 colors that go in to make “Blackberry,” so, what that means is that it becomes a very interesting color, no matter what time of day it is. And I’m comparing it to the current color that is on here. It just has more life to it. And how fun is that?

John: Very fun.

Robin: So, let’s pull out trim, siding, and then the sexy, for the pop. It doesn’t take a lot to make something come alive. But, if I pull that away, then you’ve got just a very nice look, but you add just a little bit of something to it, and it makes it very interesting.




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