Paint Color Tips Seattle Concierge Guild February 22, 2011

by admin on March 6, 2012


Thank you to Rodda Paint, Sherwin Williams, and Daly’s Paint


Hi, I’m John Shearer from Shearer Painting Company. This is Anna, one of our estimators. We’ve been a painting contractor in Seattle since 1990. I’ve not met everyone here, but we’ve done work with Cristalla and Escala. We’ve worked for designers and homeowners.

We have door prizes that I will leave here (but I need to get a plug in for the company). We have a gift certificate to Sherwin Williams Paints for up to 5 gallons; up to 5 gallons of paint from Rodda Paint from our rep, Joe Bailey.

Rodda Paint is a Northwest company. They manufacture out of Portland. They have stores in Washington and Oregon.

We have a gift certificate from Robin Daly of Daly’s Paint. They’re the exclusive dealer of C2 Paint.

My name is Anna. Like John said, I’m an estimator at Shearer Painting. My painting tip is after you get a swatch of paint from a paint store of the color you want to paint on the interior or exterior of your home, get a bigger one from the paint store, because you can really see it better on a larger scale up against the wall or the body of your house.

When you’re evaluating colors, it’s best to look at the colors individually. A lot of our customers go to the paint store with these color swatches – the darker colors always look darker than they really are, because they’re adjacent to light colors, and vice versa; the lighter colors look much lighter than they are against dark colors. So, we recommend draw down cards that you can get from a paint store.

Thanks for having us, and I hope you win the paint.


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