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by admin on January 26, 2013

Hi, John. So, I got started as a designer after having done high-end decorative painting for about 10 years. And I did that in Portland, and then I started my own company in Seattle in ’91.

And when I was doing that, I mixed all my own paint colors. I started with clear base, and I started with super white, and I had a whole bunch of different, you know, universal pigments, and I would mix all the colors, and I was doing glazing at the time, so, you know, remember that from the ‘80s and ‘90s? And I would have one color on the wall, and I would have sometimes up to six colors of glazes that I would work together and blend them using different tools to create really soft-focus finishes. So, I got used to not only mixing colors, but putting them together and seeing how the room’s transformed. So, it gave me, you know, a real kind of visceral sense of what color does in space.

And because I mix colors – you know, like how a chef can taste something and tell you what’s in it – I can look at a color and tell you what the component parts are…how colors are gonna work together, because I know what’s inside of them. You know? Certain colors…a certain pigment in one color will talk to another…that same pigment in another color, and they resonate together.

An interior color consultation for the vast majority of houses is an hour-and-a-half – 90 minutes to two hours – mostly, it’s 90 minutes (I’ve been doing this a really long time), costs a flat fee of $250, no matter how many rooms, no matter how many colors. And I show up with large samples, and we go through the whole house, we put together a palette of colors that are all compatible with each other, and then we place them. I draw them out, give them to you, and you’re ready to go.

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