The four Benjamin Moore paint color systems

by admin on March 2, 2013


JS: We’re at the flagship Mallory Paint Benjamin Moore dealership in Seattle, WA. I would like to tell you where you can find the colors and a best practice for coming in.

So, color essentials are the old classic colors. This particular display has larger versions of the classic color system. These are nice and big. These lights simulate natural light.

Further on down here, there are larger color samples…18 x 18 color chips. That way, you can take them, put them on your wall, stand back – 3, 4, 5 ft; better [to] judge the color…than [by using] a small color chip.

There’s also another display – the only one in the state of Washington that has both Classic and Color Preview, organized by paint genres – violet, browns, oranges, off-whites, etc.

The next section is the old color – well, not the old color card system…color cards, but much smaller. You see these at most Benjamin Moore dealerships. This is the Classic Color collection…this is the Color Preview collection. I’ll explain the difference in a second.

And then, a little further down, the newest part of the family is: Color Stories.

Full spectrum colors – that’s actually 14k. It’s a splendid color to show off. Let’s look at it under light.

These aren’t printed; these are actually paint. Nice cards, very good size.

Briefly, a story about their color system: the Classic Colors fan deck [were] the original Benjamin Moore Colors – been around for decades. But then, Color Preview was introduced. And Color Preview took advantage of advances in technology.

This color system featured deeper, brighter, more neon colors. That’s the best description…and also, some of the very, very dark colors.

Anyways, there was a sort of new coat backlash; that the design community had been so used to using the Classic Color System, that there was sort of an outrage. Because when Color Preview came out, it actually replaced the Classics. So, Benjamin Moore brought back the Classic Color Collection to sit side-by-side with Color Preview, and they’ve decided never to eliminate a color system.

After the Color Preview, I believe in 2007, the Aura Color System was introduced.

So, I’ve been told that there’s a brand-new color display called…

Benjamin Moore Employee: Color Display Spinner.

JS: Oooo, spinners. We like spinners.

Benjamin Moore Employee: So, essentially, it’s the same thing as the previous display, except now you can actually see how these samples are lit, and they’re more inviting for you to pull from.

JS: Oh, it’s the Aura Spinner. Oh, I’m sorry the Infinity –

Benjamin Moore Employee: The Infinity.

JS: The Infinity Spinner. Wow, impressive. Thank you!

Benjamin Moore Employee: No problem.

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