Robin Daly Why Does Color Inspire People?

by admin on September 29, 2014


I think color is a universal language. It not only is something that we see with our eyes, but because it’s on the light spectrum, it affects us physically as well. It’s something we all have in common. We all respond to color.

If you’re going through a home improvement project and you want to buy a new sofa, or new carpeting–new carpeting is a good example because it’s an expensive process to go through. It can be the best quality, it can be the most designer product, it can be cheap–it doesn’t matter. If it’s the wrong color, you’re not going to buy it.

Color is really important. It’s also something that I find–we may respond to it emotionally or intellectually,  but we sometimes don’t know how to pull all the different pieces together. That’s where the skills of a professional are helpful.


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